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almost 10 years ago

What the judges are looking for

As you start drafting your redesign, bear in mind the competition judging criteria. Each judge weighs your submission against four benchmarks, so be sure to address each of them (either in your design itself or in your text description). Put yourself in the judges shoes — after evaluating your redesign against the benchmarks below, does it make the case for a winning submission?

Judging criteria for the winning submissions

  • Visual presentation. Is your design visually appealing? Is the hierarchy and density of information user-friendly and digestible?  

  • Patient usefulness. Does your design highlight information that’s valuable to patients? Does it assist them in selecting options for their next healthcare steps?

  • Appropriateness for mobile or web application. How adaptable is your design? Can it ultimately be implemented as a mobile or web app? Note this in your text description.

  • Potential impact on clinical trials. To what extent can your redesign enrich the clinical trial experience for patients, caregivers and medical institutions? Again, your text description is a great place to explain this!


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