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over 9 years ago

Notes about your submission

The deadline for the Clinical Trial Visualization Redesign is fast approaching! All mockups must be entered by October 2, 2013 at 5 p.m. EDT.

Keep the following requirements in mind as you wrap up your submission.

Required sections and fields

Remember — your design must visually show every required section, every required field and the accompanying content for each.

Not sure if you’ve included them all? Re-read the Required Sections and Fields document and double-check that your design addresses each of the necessary items. If it doesn’t, make sure you make any changes by the submission deadline. 

Image uploads

You must upload at least one image or screenshot of your design to the “images” field on the submission form. Keep in mind that uploaded images will be scaled to fit a 615 x 424 pixel area and will be publicly viewable.

Zip file upload

Every image that is uploaded to the “images” field on your submission form must also be included in a separate, uploaded zip file. Compare the images on your submission form to those in your zip file, and make sure you’ve accounted for each before you submit.


We’re here to help. Post in the Discussion Forum or shoot us an email at with “CT Design” in the subject line.