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almost 10 years ago

A note from challenge judge and Lilly VP of Oncology, Newt Crenshaw

In a few weeks, I'll be reviewing your Clinical Trial Visualization Redesign challenge submissions along with an all-star, patient-focused judging panel.  I'm looking forward to seeing your innovative design ideas that will help transform how we communicate clinical trials to patients in a visually appealing and user-friendly way. 

Many people don't realize that only about 3% of cancer patients participate in clinical trials.   It is through clinical trials that we have made the progress we have seen over the years in curing cancer.  We need both breakthrough and stepwise innovation in cancer therapies.   This will happen as patients better understand their diseases and we accelerate patient access to cancer care excellence including clinical trials.

The Clinical Trial Visualization Redesign challenge is a great way for you to share your insights and vision on how we can better communicate clinical research from a patient's point-of-view.  The healthcare and life science industry needs a dose of patient-centric innovation.  More importantly, patients need and deserve our best.

As an innovator, you have the opportunity to disrupt health care and affect people’s lives in positive and meaningful ways.  Be part of the continuous innovation happening in research.

Create something that provides significant value, is simple to understand, and is visually elegant.

The market is ready for more innovation. I look forward to being wowed by yours.

Newt Crenshaw
Vice President, Lilly Oncology


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