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What is the expected output?

I read through all of the documentation and I'm really confused as to what sort of product you want us to design. "Design" is a very generic term in regards to output.

I am not sure if I am creating a website design or a print design that can be made interactive for web purposes. Will this only be viewed on web and mobile, or will it also need to be sent to patients as a PDF? If it is a website design, can it be broken down into multiple pages or does it all need to go on one page?

Any better clarification would help. Sorry if I am missing something glaringly obvious. Thank you!

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  • Manager   •   about 10 years ago

    Hi pungen,

    Thanks for writing. Designs should ultimately be implementable in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, so you should be designing for a digital medium. The device or screen size you design for is up to you, though — there's no preference for a specific device or platform. The required content can be broken down into multiple pages — it does not all need to fit on one page.


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