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The right audience

Quick couple of questions:

Is the intent of the app/design to be used by an ongoing patient enrolled in the study? or is it just a public representation of the study in a venue accessible by patients that could possibly not be enrolled? (e.g. clinicaltrials.gov) The difference is significant in how to approach the patient in each case.

Does the design have to incorporate all the information on one screen? or could the information be chopped down by order of importance/relevance as deemed by the designer?

Final one, what are we designing for? Mobiles? Tablets? Computers?
The size of the screens are different and the amount of information displayed on each is different. Creating a triple design will be very labor intensive. Are there priorities for consideration during judgement? (e.g. mobile designs vs web designs etc...)


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    Hi zaherhajar,

    Thanks for writing. The sample clinical trial provided was a closed study, but you're free to change the status to "enrollment" if you wish. Do keep in mind, though, that you'll still need to populate the design with content from the sample clinical trial that was provided and will still need to include all of the required sections, fields and content.

    That said, your design does not need to incorporate all of the required sections, fields and content on one screen. You are allowed to change the order and hierarchy of information, and you shouldn't feel constrained to the current layout, structure or presentation. Feel free to explore new presentations, including graphical layout that will help patients better understand and engage in the study. The current frame of reference of the study representation is primarily through a scientific lens. Eli Lilly wants you to help them see and express study designs through a patient lens.

    The device or screen size you design for is up to you. One of the judging criteria is "Appropriateness for Mobile or Web Application," which includes the potential to implement the design as a mobile or web app, but there's no preference for a specific device or platform.

    Thanks again for the questions, and please let me know if I can clarify anything.

    All the best,

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