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patient centric information


what we can do with all the required info for the contest?

Some of the content doesnt meet the patient centric way to be honest. For example such stuff as "Outcome Measures" is very complex for patients, and dont help them much to decide whether they want to take part in a trial or not.

this info is important of course, but without rewriting the content in friendly patient way - restructuring data will not work in my opinion


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    Hi SergeyV,

    Thanks for the question. This is what the challenge rules state about the required data: "Contestants must create a patient-centric design, which visualizes and incorporates clinical trial information (each a “Design”). The Design must include each data field identified in the Required Sections and Fields document and must utilize information from the sample clinical trial documents provided on the Resources page. For the purpose of consistency, all Contestants are required to populate their Designs with content from the same sample clinical trial."

    So while the rules do require that you use the sample clinical trial study content, they do not require that you use the content word for word. You are allowed to change the order and hierarchy of information, and you shouldn't feel constrained to the current layout, structure or presentation. Feel free to explore new presentations, including graphical layout that will help patients better understand and engage in the study. The current frame of reference of the study representation is primarily through a scientific lens. Eli Lilly wants you to help them see and express study designs through a patient lens.

    Outcome Measures is a required field — so you must include it, but the way you present the content is up to you. You might make the Outcome Measures field more patient friendly, for example, by creating two versions — a) the original unedited version, and b) the patient-friendly version — and allow the patient to toggle between the two.

    So to summarize: you are free to rephrase or restructure the information, but please make sure that the overall content remains the same. Does that make sense?


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    This makes sense to me. Thanks for explaining it. It was a question which needed to be asked.

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