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Hi there!

The intro paragraph says, "Submissions will take the form of design mockups and participants will be asked to submit one or more images, or browser viewable files, that incorporate key sections found in the Required Sections and Fields document and also use content data from the provided sample clinical trial documents."

If our submission has software in it, can we submit a URL or source code? Or, is the design only reviewed on its visual presentation?

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  • Manager   •   about 10 years ago

    Hi Zekenie,

    Thanks for writing. This is what's stated in the challenge rules: "Designs should be implementable using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Submitting a working web or mobile application that incorporates the Design is optional, but not required."

    So while submitting a URL or source code is not required, you're welcome to do so if you'd like!

    All the best,

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