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Is the emphasis on art or functionality?

The FAQ says that Visual Presentation, Patient Usefulness, Appropriateness for Mobile, and Potential Impact on Clinical Trials are the judging criteria. However, this is called a "visualization" challenge and even though the upload allows an HTML submission it emphasizes the still image by making an image a requirement.

An example of a non-visible modification could be the addition of a hyperlink into text. This could be useful to anyone reading the document, but would not be detectable by looking at a picture. Will judges actually try to interact with submissions, or should submissions only emphasize what can be seen without interaction?

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  • Manager   •   over 10 years ago

    Hi Lane,

    Thanks for writing. Submissions will take the form of design mockups and participants are asked to submit one or more images, or browser viewable files, that incorporate key sections found in the Required Sections and Fields document and also use content data from the provided sample clinical trial documents.

    If you have ideas for interactivity that would improve patient usefulness, they should be indicated in the images you submit.

    Feel free to write us directly at support@challengepost.com if you have additional questions. We look forward to receiving your submission!


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